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April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech University Shooting

What happened on the Virginia Tech University campus, on Monday April 16, 2007, should not have happened. All of the warning signs were there for all to see. What am I talking about? The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. The nut that shot all of those people should have been sitting in a mental institution, somewhere in the state of Virginia. Instead, he was walking around the campus, free as bird and was able to buy a firearm.

Who is responsible for this atrocity, one may ask? To start with, it is our adherence to the doctrine of Political Correctness. We are in the middle of massive campaign to promote the lifestyle of the Liberal and Secular Humanism teachings of Karl Marx and Engeles. Yes, that is right, the philosophy of Marxism, or if you want to put it another way--Communism.

Marxism is the teaching of everyone getting along and no one having more than he or she needs. This philosophy is being taught in our public schools, from the first day the child enters Kindergarten, to when the child graduates from college. There is no way that this system will ever work, because mankind is by his very nature, greedy.

The second place the responsibility for this atrocity can be laid at the feet of the people who think that guns are the root of all evil that takes place in the world. These people believe that if there are no guns that people will not kill or maim each other. Well, I hate to burst their myopic bubble, with a few indisputable facts. People have been killing each other, long before firearms were invented. Yes that is right. People have been using rocks, sticks, stone knives, stone hatchets, arrows, and spears to do bodily harm to each other since the beginning of time. They are also saying that we are living in the most violent times that the world has ever know. Again, the facts don't support that thesis. The period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance was far more violent.

It is not only the gun grabbers in this country, that are calling for the total abolishment of firearms in this country; it is also our so-called friends that live in Europe and other countries around the world are saying this too. That is right, the countries that we saved from Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, are the ones that are screaming the loudest. These countries include France, Great Britain, Germany and others. That is not going to happen anytime soon here (hopefully), as long as we keep the gun grabbers out of the Congress, off the bench and out of the White House.

As a friend of mine stated in his column, we need a fence on both, the southern and northern borders, to keep the interlopers and the terrorists out. Just who are these people, one might ask? They are mostly the very poor from the Latin American countries and the religious fanatics of the Middle East and Asia. I also agree with him that, we should change our aquatinted immigration laws and start all over. Do away with the student visa system and other entry systems for people that live in the countries that preach jihad and other religious extremism.

We should line up the Marxists, that dominate our college campuses and elsewhere in society and give them a free airplane ride to that bastion of freedom and utopia known as Cuba. Let them taste first hand, the failed system that they want to foist off on us. That way we can start over and rebuild our country, the way that our founding fathers envisioned, when they wrote the Constitution.

The Drive by Media has totally exploited this tragedy by running it 24/7, since this happened. They say that this is a breaking news story, but that is totally fabricated bullshit. They are exploiting this tragedy just for the ratings. That is the only reason that they are hanging onto it like a pit bull. We all know if there was a massive bombing or something else that happened in the world, the Virginia Tech story would be dropped like a hot potato, By the time that the drive bys got done with that story, the Virginia Tech story would be old news.

By far the worst one, in the drive by media, for exploiting this tragedy, is NBC News. They were asked by the FBI and the police departments involved in this case not to air the photos or the videos of the terrorist (that is right, this guy was a terrorist--pure and simple), but they went ahead and did it anyway. They claimed that the people had a right to know. BULLSHIT. They did it for the ratings.

They had scheduled some of the relatives, for an interview on the Today Show for this morning. To their credit, the relatives canceled their appearance and left NBC standing around with their collective thumbs up their asses. The news media needs to be treated that way. Maybe it will make them think twice about the way they treat people. Naw, that won't happen anytime soon.

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