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September 21, 2006

Chavez Proves That Americans Will Lick His Boots For Oil

I'm still trying to get this straight. This man comes into our country, insults our elected leader in front of the entire world, calls this country names ... and then a scion of one of the prominent families in America panders to him ...?

Get this, from the ConservativeVoice:

Sher Zieve - Strongman Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has named liberal Democrat US Rep. Joseph Kennedy as his chief CITGO salesman in the United States. On Wednesday, Chavez engaged in an anti-US and anti-President Bush tirade in front of the UN General Assembly.

Kennedy's non-profit "Citizens Energy Corp" group is said to have been hired by Chavez and will distribute Chavez' CITGO oil to New Yorkers. The program, started in 2005, is said to have delivered 1million gallons of discounted oil to three nonprofit South Bronx housing groups.

Just business, right? Oh, I know. It's not the American peeeple Chavez insulted, only the leader that more than half the country voted for.
In 2006, the program is planned to go beyond the 2005 project and include Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. This is said to be one of the ways in which Chavez is working toward Venezuela's "buying" a portion of the US (and it looks like politico's more than happy to do the selling-out --FB)
It's not just in NYC, though.
From CITGO to give 100 gallons oil to each Alaska villager

Anchorage Daily News (Alex deMarban): A Venezuelan-owned oil company will warm 12,000 rural Alaska homes this winter with an enormous gift of heating fuel that some elated residents in the Bush call a godsend ... and ironic.

The donation from Houston-based CITGO will buy 100 gallons of fuel for every household in 151 villages. But the gift worth roughly US$5 million comes courtesy of a country whose leftist President is pals with America's enemies and supports Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Hugo Chavez also calls our president mean things, such as "genocidal murderer" and "madman."

Margaret Williams of Hughes in the Interior said it doesn't matter who's providing the heating fuel, which costs about $6 a gallon in the Koyukuk River village of 69. "We sure could welcome it," she said. "As long as we don't have to pay."

Ahmadinejad, Hugo's new best bud, already knows that Iran can do or say anything to Americans, and we will not do anything. The mullahs proved that to themselves back in the eighties, when they held Americans hostage, and ran world wide video's of the captives with the marks of beatings still evident. Mr. Carter .

And, Hugo has demonstrated to himself that he can do or say anything to our country, and Americans will lick his boots for oil.

From RedHotCuppaPolitics.

UPDATE: Chavez is supposed to visit a church in Harlem today, in order to unveil "part 2" of his oil gift to America's needy. What a prince!

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